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They say Tango Chooses You. We got lucky, and in 2013 began our Tango journey with an amazing couple in Kansas City. Within a few months of starting Tango, we were completely hooked, attending classes 3 times a week, hoping for more with every step.

Since those initial months, we have travelled the US and Europe dancing, learning, and absorbing information. We are eager to incorporate this knowledge into our dancing and share it with our students.

Tango is an incredibly rich cultural experience, often more than just the dance. The music, the culture, the language, the emotion, and the complexity of human interaction all play integral roles in the experience.

Come join us as we explore and dissect the world of Tango—a world of challenge, technique, beauty, simplicity, and yes, passion.



MARCH 2020

Friday • MARCH 6

Drop-In Class + Práctica with Mike H (Tango Matiz out of town)
7–8:15pm Class | 8:15–9pm Práctica @ Viva Social Dance Studio
5722 Nieman Rd, Shawnee, KS 66203

All further group classes are cancelled until the COVID-19 pandemic in the US subsides. Please stay safe everyone!

Private / Semi-Private Lessons

To learn about our private, semi-private lessons & packages, please contact us via email (kirill@tangomatiz.com), phone (913.229.5026) or Facebook Messenger (https://www.facebook.com/tangonuance/)



Dancing can be taught in many different ways. We’ve been incredibly lucky to study with some of the most impactful names in Tango: Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda, Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado, Javier Rodriguez, Pablo Rodriguez & Corina Herrera, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Ann, Victor & Aksana Golub and many more, and what these maestros have said, made a great impact on our dancing and our teaching.

What we aim to bring to the craft, is our distillation of the knowledge given to us by the many people we have learned from and danced with.

What may surprise you as you come into Tango, is we will focus very little on memorizing steps or sequences. Instead, we will work hard to understand the why and how of each movement, and will polish and tune this movement to add it to our repertoire. We will also work to commit this and every other movement to muscle memory, and unlock the ability for us to use movement to illustrate and accompany the music.

This, we believe is the essence of Tango: the ability to express yourself freely to the inspiration of the music, without limitation to your repertoire of movements, but with special attention to your partner and the experience you are sharing as a couple.






Tango Matiz — July 4 | Windy City Tango Festival 2019, Chicago, IL
Vuelvo al Sur — Juan Carlos Cáceres
Video 2/2

Tango Matiz — July 4 | Windy City Tango Festival 2019, Chicago, IL
Porteñisimo — Miguel Caló
Video 1/2

Tango Matiz — October 6 | Boogie Ball 2018, Ararat Shrine, Kansas City, MO
Remembranzas — Osvaldo Pugliese

Tango Matiz — June 8 | VooDoo Lounge, Kansas City, MO
Hallelujah — Pentatonix

Tango Matiz — June 8 | VooDoo Lounge, Kansas City, MO
La Mulateada — Alberto Podestá y Las Bordonas

Tango Matiz — January 17 | Manhattan, KS
Video 1/3

Tango Matiz — January 17 | Manhattan, KS
Video 2/3

Tango Matiz — January 17 | Manhattan, KS
Video 3/3

Tango Matiz — Teaching Tango on TV
KSHB 41 – KC Live, April 2017